Laurie Jo Reynolds

Laurie Jo Reynolds’s work has aptly been described as “political art,” marrying art, culture, and educational tools which focus on prison conditions, solitary confinement and opposing fear-based criminal justice policies. In 2013, Reynolds received Creative Time’s Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change. She is also the organizer of Tamms Year Ten, a successful legislative and media campaign to close the state supermax prison in Illinois. Reynolds was recently a Soros Justice Fellow, researching and advocating for best practices to reduce sexual abuse and recidivism. 


Her most recent work, entitled “The Honey Bun Comedy Hour” is a blend of satire, humor, and group storytelling which all come together in the form of “legislative art.” She calls attention to the fallacies of the Illiniois prison system and maintains the goal of policy reform. The Honey Bun Comedy Hour is an educational series, scripted by experienced prison monitors, that will reenact real and imagined scenes from the Illinois criminal justice system.

In 2013, Lauri Jo was awarded the Creative Capital Grant in the category of Emerging Fields and was selected as a Creative Capital Theo Westenberger Fellow.