LaToya Ruby Frazier

LaToya Ruby Frazier works across multiple disciplines, including photography, performance, and video, LaToya calls attention to America’s neglected middle class, its dubious healthcare system, the continuing marginalization of people of color, and the perpetuating vices of 20th century capitalism.  Her inspiration and subject matter spawn from both her own familial relationships as well as her environment- the historically industrial town of Braddock, PA. Her work is raw and deeply felt, her voice is unwavering, and her lens is relentless.


Latoya Ruby Frazier’s work has been shown in museums and galleries all over the world including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia (USA), Italy, Korea, and Paris. Major works include videos “LaToya Ruby Frazier Makes Moving Pictures,” (2012) and “LaToya Ruby Frazier Takes On Levis” (2011). Her works have been exhibited at The Whitney Museum, P.S.1 MoMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Brooklyn Museum, and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, amongst others. In 2007, she joined Rutgers University as the associate curator for the Mason Gross Galleries. In 2012, Frazier was appointed critic of photography at Yale University. She earned a BFA from Edinboro University (2004) and an MFA from Syracuse University (2007).